Microsoft’s new Challenge Scarlett Xbox will assist Xbox One controllers and equipment

Microsoft is gradually revealing more details about its next-generation Xbox, codenamed Project Scarlett. While we already know some limited specs for Project Scarlett, the next Xbox console will also support existing Xbox One games, controllers, and accessories. “We thought out our design for Project Scarlett, we definitely wanted to make sure that we were compatible across all the generations,” explained Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, during Microsoft’s Inside Xbox E3 event. “Not just with the games, but the accessories. It’s really us respecting the purchases gamers have made on our platform.”

Speaking to Windows Central, Jason Ronald, partner director of the Xbox platform, confirmed this means all existing accessories, and new ones like the Xbox Elite 2 controller that will debut later this year. While Project Scarlett is the next-generation Xbox, it’s clearly rooted in the platform advancements that Microsoft made with the Xbox One, and it will even include an optical disc drive.

Future accessory support will be good news to Xbox owners, especially as Xbox 360 controllers and accessories were never compatible with the Xbox One without unofficial workarounds and hacks. Microsoft is planning to launch its Project Scarlett Xbox in fall 2020, alongside a new Halo Infinite game. The next-gen console will have 8K graphics support, SSD storage, and the ability to ray trace games.

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